BRUDEX S.A., a Brussels-based, general building contracting company, has celebrated its 30th anniversary. 

Founded in 1989 and formerly known as Froidecoeur s.p.r.l., the company was re-christened following an in-depth reorganisation, a change of shareholding and realignment of its activities. 

Since then, BRUDEX has established and consolidated its foundations at the human as well as the structural and financial levels. 

The company continues to this day to improve its performance in its sector – a sector which covers a wide range of specialised services in the field of major renovation and change of the intended use of buildings – structural works – transformation – sanitation and completion of buildings.  

BRUDEX is accredited to carry out works in the following classes and categories for public contracts: 

  • Classe 5 category D and sub-category D1
  • Classe 4 category C and sub-category C1 - D21 - G5
  • Classe 2 category E et G
  • Classe 1 and sub-category C5 and E2 


Bd Paepsem, 20
1070 Bruxelles
Tél. +32 (0)2 245 64 00 –